My New Bento Box

About a month ago, I ordered the Sakura Koban Bento Box from J-List. About a week ago, it arrived at my house, wrapped in a cardboard box filled with Japanese newspapers. And finally, about an hour ago, I packed my first bento.


Here’s my order, before the packing. I was stunned by how small it was! My mom remarked that it looked like a child’s bento box (and certainly the sparkly pink flowers do nothing to refute this claim!), and I was concerned for a while that it actually was for kids. However, I found a very helpful site that allowed me to check bento capacity. Turns out this box, which holds around 600 ml, is the perfect size to hold the 685 calories that the average adult female needs at meals.


And here it is packed. In the top tier are baby carrots, radishes, and candied ginger. In the bottom tier is rice with salmon and nori furikake and pretty sakura carrot cutouts on top. It’s not very elaborate or pretty, but I’ve been incredibly busy with graduate school (perhaps you can tell from my grad school blog?), so this is fancy enough for now. When I get home from an eight hour day and then the gym, it’s a miracle that I manage to cook dinner at all! This is actually leftover from salmon onigiri I made for dinner, so I don’t have to make lunch tomorrow morning. I’ll get to sleep in maybe 15 minutes more than usual, but when you’re working as hard as I am, those minutes make a big difference.


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